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Who is ACF Stakeholders, Inc?

A collaborative group of organizations and individuals who live, work and use the water resources of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin. We come together to discuss possible actions to take in the interest of creating sustainable solutions among stakeholders that balance economic, ecological and social values in the sharing of this natural resource.

Who can join?

Anyone who has an interest in being part of a collective effort to find viable solutions that ensure that the entire ACF Basin is a sustainable water resource for current and future generations. Our membership currently include: Cities, Counties, Municipalities, Utility Companies, Corporations, Educational Institutions, Individuals, and Non-Profit Organizations.

What does it cost to join?

Our membership dues structure has been determined with the goal of making participation affordable while also requiring member organizations to take their commitment to the mission and goals of ACF Stakeholders seriously.

  • Individuals or Non-Profit Direct Members      $250 annually

  • Public Jurisdiction Members                           $250-$2500 annually (dependent upon population size)

  • Business and Industry Members                     $250-$2500 annually (dependent upon number of employees)


Millions of dollars have been spent on the water conflict. It is difficult to put a dollar amount on the ROI for the opportunity to participate in an organization with significant potential to be a powerful voice in the process of conflict resolution in regard to sharing the water resource of the ACF Basin.

How much time will I spend on this as a member?

The amount of time you devote as a member of ACFS depends on your area of interest and the role you choose to take. Serving on our Governing Board requires a significant commitment of time, however more narrowly focused Issue Committees are used as resources to carry out much of the workload. Our committees and workgroups benefit from allocation of tasks amongst many participants

How does ACF Stakeholders work?

ACF Stakeholders consciously chooses to represent a consensus view of the membership. Meeting this challenge requires every member of the Governing Board be able to accept or ‘live with’ each particular decision or recommendation of the group. We strongly believe that when we take a position that represents a consensus view it will have the most impact on the issue. It is our intention to avoid representing a position that is one-sided to the detriment of any stakeholder.

How does ACF Stakeholders represent all of the various positions of the membership?

ACF Stakeholders is a representative based organization. The Governing Board members make decisions and recommendations based upon the opinions of the membership. A seat on the Governing Board allows you to be part of the discussions and compromises. Organizations may also join without choosing to have a seat on the Governing Board. Committees are designed to ensure members will have the opportunity to be heard on the interests of their choosing.

Does ACF Stakeholders have influence with State and Federal Agencies?

The relationship between ACF Stakeholders and government agencies is dependent upon our continued growth.  Historically, these agencies have been willing to hear the concerns and issues raised by significant constituent voices.  We are the first organization to present a strong, unified voice of the ACF Stakeholders.  Therefore, we expect these agencies will be very motivated to listen to the organization.

Chattahoochee River
Chattahoochee River
Apalachicola River
WF George Dam
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