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Membership Requirements


We need YOU! Having every interest group represented in the process of conflict resolution gives our organization power. We have identified 14 interest groups which are concerned with the quality and sharing of the waters of the ACF Basin:

  • Water Supply

  • Recreation

  • Farm and Urban Agriculture

  • Water Quality

  • Navigation

  • Industry and Manufacturing

  • Hydro Power

  • Thermal Power

  • Business / Economic Development

  • Historic and Cultural

  • Seafood Industry

  • Environmental and Conservation

  • Local Government

  • Other

It is required that every member of this organization be either a direct or indirect stakeholder.

Are you a Direct or Indirect Stakeholder?

A direct stakeholder is any person, party or entity which has an interest in, utilizes, or has an expressed concern in the water resources, surface and sub surface, within the boundaries of the ACF Basin. Direct stakeholders reside in or own real or personal property, or have a property interest in land or facilities that utilize these resources.

Indirect stakeholders do not live in the ACF Basin, do not utilize the resources of the ACF Basin and do not utilize the surface or subsurface waters of the ACF Basin. Indirect Stakeholders reside in or own property outside the basin that utilize waters that originate within the ACF Basin boundaries, but yield benefit resulting from inter‐basin transfer of water that originate in the ACF Basin. Stakeholders with an indirect interest may have concern or other type of consideration relative to the ACF Basin and its waters.

At a minimum, it is a prerequisite of membership in this organization to abide by the following guidelines:

  • General Members are expected to honor their commitment to seek solutions and consensus when required.

  • General Members are required to pay annual dues as set by the Governing Board.

  • General Members must act in good faith in their dealings with the ACFS and its members.

  • General Members will be accurate and respectful with regard to their communications with others.

  • General Members will be responsible for representing the interests and concerns of the organizations, institutions, and constituencies they represent.

  • General Members are responsible to voice dissent if they cannot support or live with a recommendation. If a member objects to a recommendation, it is also his/her responsibility to articulate the reasons behind the objections and to provide an alternate proposal if possible.

  • General Members are free to abstain from a determination of consensus for whatever reasons. However, it is the responsibility of each member to state his or her desire to abstain from participating in a determination of consensus if she/he so chooses. Abstentions will not affect the determination of a consensus or a quorum.

  • General Members will adhere to the ACFS Charter and Bylaws. They are expected to give due consideration to the procedural guidance and recommendations of the Chair.

  • General Members may participate in the annual meeting, participate on committees or work groups, and vote on specific issues as defined in this Charter and Bylaws.

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